Your Vegan Rainbow is BACK!

Hello my dear Rainbows,

I’m happy to be back here and sincerely hope that you can understand my reasons for being so absent lately.. South Africa had one of the strictest lockdowns worldwide and I’ve got to admit, that it wasn’t always easy to cope with everything. I won’t go into details, but to give you an idea the last weeks literally felt like riding a rollercoaster. Each day had so many ups and downs that I just felt drained by the ever changing situations and could have slept the whole day long. I’d even go that far and say that I suffered a bit of a burn-out in regards with creating content for you guys. I really go out of my way to promote Veganism and Vegan Travel in South Africa, but sometimes I feel like I’m fighting this alone. If you now wonder why I’d say something like this, please read my experience below:


Let’s talk Veganism and the plans I recently had for the blog. Like in many other countries the hospitality sector was hit the hardest during the national lockdown and the aftermath isn’t even close to clear yet. It is highly unfortunate that we’ll have to say goodbye to some truly amazing restaurants and hotels for good and I just hope that all plant-based eateries will survive this crisis. My thoughts go out to restaurant/hotel owners, their staff and to those who still try to keep the boat afloat. A few weeks ago, when food deliveries were allowed again across South Africa, I wanted to start a campaign to #SupportLocalEateries. In order to promote everyone that had some plant-based items on their menu, I contacted numerous establishments, also solely vegan places but most of them didn’t provide me with any information or didn’t even reply to my emails or messages on social media. Please don’t get me wrong, I know that we are facing extremely uncertain and difficult times, but to be honest, I was quite disappointed by this feedback as my aim was purely to support cafés and restaurants in the current situation. Like many out there, I also struggle to make ends meet and of course offered blog posts and social media promotions for free to the eateries that I made contact with. As you can imagine, it sometimes takes a few hours to create digital content and some restaurant owners couldn’t even answer 2 questions for a free promotion. Since I no longer have the energy to send out endless emails for this heartfelt campaign, I decided to start something else, which still promotes small vegan businesses at no cost. To all those, who have supported me with their kind words and vegan yummies over the past few weeks, thank you so much, it really means the world to me.


The new campaign is called #LockdownMealTip and that means that I’ll introduce you to my favourite vegan yummies, that I enjoy on a regular basis, as a take-out or hopefully soon sit-in meal in and around Cape Town. Some days I’ll also show you meals that I’ve tried overseas and that are still available on the restaurant’s current menu. I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy this small series and that it’ll inspire you to try some of the dishes as well. Let’s see if we can virtually taste some exotic plates form around the world. I’m definitely open to everything, as long as it’s fully plant-based.

Last but not least, if you own a restaurant that has at least one vegan option on the menu, you are more than welcome to suggest a vegan meal, that I should try and I’ll promote it here. You can email Antonia on theveganrainbowblog@gmail.com for a feature.

Support The Vegan Rainbow

If you like what I do here on the blog and the vegan community in general, you are very welcome to support the cause, but please don’t feel obliged to do so.

You may contribute to webhost costs etc. by simply “buying me a coffee” here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/VeganRainbow

Thank you for all the love and I’ll see you very soon with my first Lockdown Meal Tip 😉

Until then, stay healthy and safe!

Much love, Antonia xx


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