Say Cheeeeze!

If you’d ask me what I miss the most since following a plant-based lifestyle, my answer would most probably be ‘cheese’. But like most vegans I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, rather embracing all the plant-based goodness. Luckily one can still have a cheeseboard with a glass of wine as a vegan! A good variety of vegan cheeses can be found around the globe these days.Most often plant based cheeses are nut-based but some are ‘allergy free” as well. Have you tried vegan cheese before?

I’m very happy to see that more and more vegan cheeses are becoming available in Cape Town / South Africa and I have recently been testing the Balgowan Country Cheeses for you. My verdict? Yum!

They come in different flavors for the amazing price of 45 RAND a round and I honestly enjoyed all of them but if I had to pick a favorite, than it would be the cumin one. Have you ever tried cheese with cumin? I can tell you that combination is divine!

The wonderful taste of the Balgowan Cheese is not the only thing that I like about the product.The cheese is handmade by lovely people and I prefer supporting local traders to the big companies producing artificial cheese.Those definitely serve their purpose but I try to shop local whenever I can. “Local is Lekker” as we say here in South Africa.

Balgowan Country cheese is an allergy free product so if you are allergic to nuts / soy / wheat then this will definitely be your new favourite.The product has also been approved by the Vegan Society South Africa.

Hungry? If you are living in Cape Town or just visiting the Mother City you can get your favorite Balgowan Cheese here:

Disclaimer: Balgowan Country Trading has kindly supplied some samples. All opinions are my own.

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