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PLANT Café was the first “vegan only eatery” that ever opened its doors in Cape Town / South Africa a good couple of years ago and I’ve supported them since day 1.
After a short-lived (thank god) closure, PLANT Café re-opened last year in November with a fresh face and new owner Pierre. I only went back having meals at PLANT Café again during the recent South African winter months, as they started to host vegan themed buffets on Sundays, which I really enjoyed and hope they’ll continue to have next winter.

With a new owner comes a new menu. I’ve always liked the food at PLANT, as their main focus has always been on ‘real food’ and not too heath conscious. Don’t get me wrong – PLANT offers healthy and nutritious food, that is delicious and will make you come back for more. On the recently launched “new summer menu”, you can find items like yummy starters, antipasti toasties, various burgers, different kinds of salads, a nice selection of dim sum and savoury as well as sweet crepes. Since restaurant owner Pierre is French, you can expect amazing buckwheat crepes, that are even gluten-free.

Don’t worry, your good old PLANT favourites are still there – meaning the nachos, quesadillas and dirty mac & cheese. Travel around the world with PLANT Café as the menu offers dishes inspired from different countries from around the globe. Why not try a vegan version of the traditional South African Bobotie (a MUST if you are visiting SA as a tourist), a plant-based Bourguignon, a Middle Eastern Mezze Platter, Spaghetti Bolognaise alla PLANT or a flavourful Mexican Enchilada!? The menu at PLANT really offers something for everyone and I suggest you get there hungry.

Craving food yet? Well, I still have to introduce you to the new PLANT breakfast menu. Cape Town is famous for its many trendy breakfast spots, but when it comes to vegan breakfasts, you really have to search online in advance or rely on that ‘avo on toast’, which is widely available at most eateries. I don’t know about you, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and if I go out to have breakfast, I like a bit of a variety. PLANT Café has invited me to try some of their new breakfast options and I really enjoyed them all. Definitely try one of the breakfast wraps. I totally loved the wrap with avocado, rocket, cream cheese and carrot lox. Also mouth-watering was the wrap with cauliflower scramble, tempeh rashers, caramelised onion, cream cheese and spinach.

If you love potatoes for breakfast like me, make sure you order one of the three different Rösti dishes. To make your choice even harder, PLANT offers breakfast items like an almond yogurt with a fruit salad, a chai breakfast pudding and a Plant Benedict (a vegan version of the famous egg benedict). In case you have more of a sweet tooth, PLANT Café has got you covered as well, selling baked goods like vegan pain au chocolat, croissants and muffins.

For me PLANT Café is still that vibey eatery with an extensive plant-based menu and it’s centrally located in the heart of Cape Town. Not forgetting the drinks menu with a variety of healthy juices, teas and coffees as well as vegan wines. If you are looking for that extra special vegan meal, definitely try their new stars of the show, the “Happy Salmon Burger”, which is made with a carrot lox and potato patty, lettuce, teriyaki sauce and guacamole or order the brand-new Shawarma Wrap.

If you aren’t  hungry by now then I really don’t know. Take your vegan and not vegan friends for a conscious meal at PLANT Café this summer and enjoy the delicious food and friendly service. For more info & reservations (cake orders/catering) visit:

8 Buiten Street
Cape Town / South Africa


Disclaimer: I’ve been hosted by PLANT Café to try some of their new menu items. All opinions given in this article are my own.

Image credits for the menu & logo go to PLANT Café




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